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Baby Pio's Baptism | Woodstock GA Newborn and Baby Photography

Oh my poor neglected blog ... tts been 4 months since I posted a session on here !! And considering we're starting to get into the busy season with the holidays around the corner, I  realize I may not post often here for the remainder of the year ! *Smh *. Note to self : Add blogging to the task list of things to do between 9:00 pm and 6:00 am.

Check out all of God's sweet grace in that precious little face ! Not to mention, the glowing radiant mom stealing cuddles and kisses after the ceremony ! The Baptism gown was specially flown in from Italy and was passed down to him from his dad. Wow !

Awaiting Spring | Woodstock GA Baby Photographer

My little guy recently started walking. Well not so recent maybe about a month ago. Since then, he loves to toddle off to spend many a late morning looking out the thin window next to the entry door. I love how he stands on his tippy toes to peek over the plants that are outside on the porch and probably hinder his view. He looks at cars passing, at the school bus that halts right outside my driveway, at the kids going to school in the bus in the mornings, at the kids coming from school in the bus in the afternoon. I've often wondered if he ever thinks his sister might be amongst the kids that get on / off the bus ? (We actually drive to school to get her.) I know he misses her terribly while she's away at school. His eyes light up when she comes home and he literally drags her hand and takes her into the toy room to play with him.

So, I've entitled this image, Awaiting Spring. Spring is what my daughter's name literally translates to in my native tongue.

The case of the cobbler's children having no shoes | Woodstock GA Children's Photography

Have you heard of the story of how the cobbler slogged day and night making shoes for everyone in the village? And how his own children ran about barefoot ? My kids are sort of in the same boat. Before you run out and buy them shoes for Christmas though, hear me out. They do have shoes. LOTS of shoes! Atleast my 6yo does (she has more than I do atleast). My 1yo isn't walking yet and the pediatrician says, socked feet are best for learning balance. So he has just one pair that we put on, on his birthday. He didn't like them one bit !  So, if you see them running around sans shoes, rest assured its for a very good reason, and dearth of shoes has nothing to do with it. Plus, I'm not a cobbler.

So, my analogy of shoes actually, applies to photography. I was done with client shoots and delivering edited sessions 2 weeks ago. And then I realized I hadn't ordered Christmas cards for our family and friends! Not to mention, we had NO pictures that we could use on them ! Well, nothing "christmasy" atleast unless you count the iphone pictures taken by Mr Miraz Light At Work Photography.

So I finally got my act together and did a mini session. These were shot on a cold rainy day so they were taken indoors. It would have been nice to have done them outdoors but see above for the case of the cobbler's kids. And I did want my kids to have pictures done this year. Something's better than nothing right ? And I made it a point to be in front of the lens for a change. I do want my kids to have pictures of me to look back upon.
Here are a few of my favorites.

She had received this outfit earlier this year from a grandparent. While its two sizes too big, she thought it was festive enough for pictures. Plus tts rare that she likes anything pink so I shot away ...

We have nicknamed my little guy The Duracell bunny. He's always on the go ! His favorite pose to sit in, is this. And he sat that way for only 6-7 seconds.

Babies and toddlers really don't need any toys. He's always content playing with my pots and pans and spoons.

I love this picture (yes thats me!) because I have a 2013 picture of me with my sweet little girl ! Memories for me to pass on to her !

You can find the remaining session images, including a cute naked baby butt here. Go check it out !

PS: I love MCP actions for my indoor highkey images. They make my white background pop !

Miss M | Marietta GA, Holiday Mini Session Portraits

I've known Miss M for the last 3 years. I didn't get to shoot her holiday session last year because I had a newborn babe (little A) of my own and had taken a break to spend some quality snuggle time with him. So this year when I saw her, I was pleasantly surprised to see she was all grown up - even taller than me (yeah yeah I'm not tall only 5' 6") ! Here are a few of my favorite images from the session. I think the one I liked the most was where she gets kisses from Jack. You can find the rest of the session here.

Pickard Family | Marietta Family Portrait Session

This was the first time I had the opportunity of taking pictures of this sweet family. They bid on a gift voucher (and won !!)  I had donated to my little girl's school for their scholarship auction.

Below are a few of my favorite sneak peaks from the session. You can find the complete gallery here