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Awaiting Spring | Woodstock GA Baby Photographer

My little guy recently started walking. Well not so recent maybe about a month ago. Since then, he loves to toddle off to spend many a late morning looking out the thin window next to the entry door. I love how he stands on his tippy toes to peek over the plants that are outside on the porch and probably hinder his view. He looks at cars passing, at the school bus that halts right outside my driveway, at the kids going to school in the bus in the mornings, at the kids coming from school in the bus in the afternoon. I've often wondered if he ever thinks his sister might be amongst the kids that get on / off the bus ? (We actually drive to school to get her.) I know he misses her terribly while she's away at school. His eyes light up when she comes home and he literally drags her hand and takes her into the toy room to play with him.

So, I've entitled this image, Awaiting Spring. Spring is what my daughter's name literally translates to in my native tongue.


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