Miraz Light At Work Photography


Actuations. I promised to post what Actuations are in my next post so here you go - Camera Actuations are basically, the picture count, or the number of times the shutter has closed, or in a more simplistic term, a 'click'. So even though the latest cameras are all digital and we don't have to worry about wasting precious film they do have a predetermined life span.  After all, the "shutter" is a mechanical device. And like all other mechanical devices, can only perform to a certain extent. As one of my favorite photogs Elizabeth Halford has very well asked - if you had a car that had a life expectancy of 100,000 miles would you still drive it a 1000 miles every day ?

You certainly don't have to treat your digital camera like it has super precious film. However, please don't go to town treating it like a machine gun either. Tip: Wanna sound like a pro when buying a second hand camera? Don't ask how old it is. Ask how many actuations it has ! Oh and while you're at it, don't refer to the lens as a "lens". Call it "glass" !

Here's my actuation count # 13316

When you download your photos from the camera, how do you keep a track of the actuation count ?


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