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From Drab to Fab

Ever wondered how models and actors look so gorgeous on magazine covers and posters ? They are Photoshopped ofcourse ! (Is photoshopped even a legal word? Note to self : must look it up). Seriously - if you think thats how they look in real life, then its time to wake up and .. no not smell the coffee but check out a photo editing tool ! While I don't want to disclose what camera I use, since it really doesn't matter, I don't mind mentioning what editing software I like and use. Having a DSLR surely helps since you can change lenses, use an off camera flash etc but the latest point-and-shoots do a great job as well if some of the photography rules are followed ! For the curious minded, I own a DSLR and its not the most recent model (but thats not the reason I don't want to disclose it).

So coming to photo editing softwares, I am a big fan of Gimp. I first got introduced to it when my dear daughter Miss Muffin was born 3 years ago. Mainly because I didn't want to buy another software that I would use for a month or two and then forget about it. However, my romance with Gimp did not turn out to be a one night stand. I fell in love with it and use it to date. Last year I noticed a lot of buzz being generated by a program called Photoshop Elements or as users familiar with it say PSE. I'd heard of Photoshop but not PSE. Photoshop obviously was way out of my budget. Plus I was content with my steady relationship with Gimp to want to spend a whopping $800+ for it. So I checked out PSE. While I won't go into the difference between Gimp and PSE in this post, I did feel PSE offered additional advantages and decided to get it. Some of the pics you will see on this blog are edited in PSE while others are in Gimp and when I use the term "photoshop" I use it loosely to signify editing a photo in an editing software - either Gimp or PSE. Here's an example of a before and after shot of me and Miss Muffin on my birthday. Just a note - I don't usually "photoshop"  most pictures since I believe in keeping the original look of the person. But, since it was my birthday I decided to give it a shot.  By photoshopping, I mean removing bumps, blemishes, smoothing skin etc. I do correct skin tones, adjust contrasts and exposures. .



Hubby was surprised how photoshopping can completely change someone's look. But atleast he now knows how the Angelina Jolies and Bipasha Basus of the world look like they do ! 

Next week I will show you an action that can give you this same look. Stay tuned ....


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