Miraz Light At Work Photography

Make your subject look like an alien from another planet

Or not ! While there are many rules of composition, some to be kept, others which can be creatively broken, one rule, which I think should not be broken is what I call "Check for extraneous appendages" rule. Which basically means, look through the viewfinder to ensure there is nothing sticking out from anywhere of your subject's body that looks like your subject grew an appendage (or horns). Be it overhead wires, a tree branch or in the case below, a pumpkin stem. If there is, reposition the subject or reposition the background, or reposition yourself !! Yes people, once in a while, as a photographer , amongst other things you do have to relocate yourself. Not a whole lot - a step to the left or right or front or back will many a times do the trick. Other times you may have to squat, crouch, lie on your belly or your back etc. Even if you have a zoom lens.

The photo above was taken by hubby dearest. One of the rare moments when I was on the other side of the shutter. It looks like Miss Muffin has a horn growing from the middle of her head. I also hate the dark shadows that are being cast in this picture but hubby insisted we face the sun. The hot bright afternoon sun. The shadows could've been reduced by him crouching down and shooting us at eye level. Like so -


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