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Winter Ambiance Texture Set - Free!

We had a snow day today. I'm not sure what the total amount of snow is that the state received, but outside my doorstep, a yard stick showed 5 inches. Which meant schools were closed since the state only has 12 snow ploughs (yes even I was amazed to hear the state actually has 12 ploughs considering we're accidenlanta now instead of hotlanta. Maybe they should put a few of those ploughs to use ????).  That meant, Miss Munchkin was home with me and ofcourse, that meant I couldn't do my other job which involves talking to clients and consultants over the phone. Which left me stuck with the computer since there's only so much you can play in the snow and sled in the snow and make snow angels. The result of being under house arrest was, I made my very first texture pack  - Winter Ambiance!

The pack, I have to admit, was inspired by this weather so its filled with textures that when applied will give a cool or earthy pizzaz to your images. Try spending an hour shoveling the driveway and see if you can conjure up warm or sunny images in your head after that. I couldn't !

Here are a few sample images showing what you can expect out of some of the textures.

Blush Pink Texture : Before (top) / After (Bottom)

Dusty Lunar Texture : Before (Above) / After (Below)

Purple Thatch Texture : Before (Left) / After (Right)

Tip #1: Be sure to use a layer mask with a soft brush set to low opacity to brush off the texture from skin.
Tip #2: Try the texture in different blending modes before you decide on one particular mode. Reducing the opacity helps the picture to look like its not overly edited

The download can be found here

Enjoy !


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lovely, cant wait to try them out. thanks

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