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Welcome to the Valentine's Day Giveaway !

You must have noticed, in the last two weeks or so, the blog hasn't had any entries.  I was crazy busy with multiple session edits, some of which had a deadline.  In the background, I also wanted to make something special  for Valentine's day to you my readers and so I  made two storyboards XO Mania and Red Fours and quietly put them up for sale in my shop. If you are into selling products, the XO Mania storyboard is extremely versatile in terms of showcasing 12 of your products together ! The Red Fours works just as well but holds 4 pictures.  Ofcourse, both of these are excellent for portraits as well.

Here are some samples of what you can do with them

These are fully customizable. To read the fine print of what the storyboards include, please click here.

I have also been gushing about the hair accessories being made by Sherine over at Sweet Tangerine Boutique and one of the storyboards you see above, showcases some of her items (she has much more listed in her etsy shop here.). Please check it out if you haven't done so already !

One of her items, this cute Ribbon heart sculpture is just perfect for that special little girl in your life to wear on Valentine's day ! Actually its so cute, it can be worn any day !

The Giveaway :

I will draw 2 winners
The first winner will receive - Both storyboards and the heart ribbon sculpture.
The second winner will receive - One storyboard of the winner's choice ( I will ask the winner to email me their choice at the end of the drawing)

Duration of the Giveaway :
This giveaway will be open from February 3rd through  February 7th 11:59 pm.

How to enter : 
I won't make you jump through hoops for entering. The process is straightforward and simple. You have 3 chances of entering -

1. Like Miraz Light At Work Photography on Facebook here and leave a comment under this post (NOT on Facebook). Then update your status message saying with something along the lines of "I entered an awesome giveaway for Valentine's Day on Miraz Light At Work Photography's blog - http://lightatwork.blogspot.com"

2. Like Sweet Tangerine Boutique's page on Facebook here and leave a comment under this post (again not on Facebook). If you are already a fan, just leave a comment saying so.

3. Leave a comment telling me how you would use the storyboard and or the ribbon sculpture if you were to win it !

1.Unfortunately, due to customs regulations, I will not be able to ship the ribbon sculpture outside of US, but you can still enter to win the storyboards !

2. Again, just to emphasize - please do not leave a comment on facebook. All comments to count as valid, must be left under this post on the blog.

3. If you have already bought one or more of my storyboards in the last one week and are picked a winner, I will gladly refund your money. So don't let that stop you from entering.

4. I am aware, that not all my readers are photoshop geeks or even have Gimp for that matter. So in case you are thinking - what in the world will I do with the storyboards if I win?? No worries ! Just let me know and here's what I will do - I will ask you to email the pictures of your choice, I will put them into the storyboards for you and email the populated storyboards back to you as jpeg files. Why am I doing this? Because I don't want to deter you from entering and lose the chance of winning that cute little ribbon sculpture, not to mention the storyboards just because you are not a computer whiz !!

4. I will be cross checking each entry to ensure it meets the guidelines including updating the status on Facebook. Any entries that don't, will be deleted.

Good Luck everyone !


Robin said...

I like Miraz light at work on Facebook; I have followed you for a while :-) I posted about the giveaway on my page, Robin Mann Photography!

Tosha said...

If I were to win the storyboard, I would probably give it to my husband for Valentine's Day for him to put it in his office at work! If I won the hair clip, then of course my beautiful daughter would have it in her hair!

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