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What I have been upto this month and a super secret announcement ...

As you might have noticed, I have been absent from the blog and haven't had much going on at facebook either. All with good reason. With the summer vacation in full swing, I have been doing quite a lot. On the personal front, my little girl's school called to ask me if I can volunteer as a sub in their primary and toddler summer classes and, since I love helping out at the school, without hesitation I said yes!

In my free time, I have been running around like a chicken with its head chopped off trying to get as many pictures as possible for the Clickin' Mom's Scavenger Hunt. My husband and daughter on the other hand have thoroughly enjoyed it. After all, its not every month that they get to go to a carnival, eat a banana split, a snowcone, a slurpee, a 4 scoop icecream cone and a brownie! Not to mention, my little girl loved being my helper with the banner (see below) and hold it for me in each picture. She also very loudly, much to my embarrassment, asked me to ask a very pregnant mommy-to-be in a queue at a store  if she had an outie. Even though she has no idea what that is. All she knew was that I need an outie for my scavenger hunt and the only place I could find it was either in a newborn baby or a pregnant mommy-to-be. Worse - the lady actually heard her and said sorry she didn't which had me turning beet red !

If you haven't checked them out already, you should - they're an awesome bunch of very talented ladies ! (And one dude !!!)

Now the BIG announcement on the work front that I have had a hard time keeping hush hush and not shouting from the roof tops  - I have been working, albeit quietly, on organizing and adding items to my much neglected online shop. I have completely removed it from the blog since it didn't quite gel well and have instead moved it to a different super-secret location. I will officially be re-launching the shop on August 1st.

However, as a special treat to all my awesome facebook followers, I will disclose its super-secret location and hold a special 2 day pre-launch sale with a discount code on the 30th of July there.

Whoa is that a week from now? Yikes ! I still have a ton to do and then some more!! Must. Get. Cracking. Till then XOXO !


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