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Custom portrait photography and why consider it | Woodstock GA | Children's & Newborn Photographer

We have all been to the picture store at the mall or within our favorite discount store. Myself included. We have all Ooh-ed and Aah-ed at the portraits the first time. Not so much the second time. By the third time, they have started looking boring and posed. To top it, if you have kids who just don't want anything to do with getting pictures taken and won't smile or even look at the camera, you come away without liking any of the forced smiley pictures. I recently had the good fortune of photographing a family who were very disappointed with their experience at a mall studio. Good fortune because I got a chance to introduce them to the wonderful world of custom portraiture. Portraiture thats not forced. Portraiture thats done out in the open where the children can continue being children. Portraiture not done with the standard boring backdrop. At the end of the session, they were very apprehensive and didn't think I had managed to capture anything worthwhile (from their viewpoint where they felt the kids didn't want to do anything in front of my camera). When it was time for the in-person demo, I met with the dad and he was blown away. So much so that he had a hard time narrowing the pictures he wanted. In his words "we want them all !"

If you haven't ever considered custom portraits, give it a try. The difference in the pictures will speak for itself.


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these are really beautiful - I love them!!

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