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Lazy Friday - Duo Tone Script

I personally do not like weekends. So Fridays aren't really lazy for me. But, I'm sure most of you love Fridays and so in the spirit of the start of the weekend, I'll show you an action (PSE) or script (Gimp) that will be a one click process.

Since I've been ranting and raving for a week now about how I like Gimp, it seemed only apt that the first Lazy Friday technique be a Gimp script. Gimp is a free software that can be downloaded from here. Gimp is open source and is available for Mac and Windows. Gimp has several free to download scripts written using a scripting language called Script Fu. These scripts automate some of the repetitive actions we perform  be it applying a vintage touch or converting an image to black and white.

One of my favorite scripts is the Duo Tone script. It provides a sepia toned look to images like the one below

You can install the script using the instructions here. Once you install the script and it shows up under your Script Fu scripts in Gimp all you have to do is open the photo in Gimp and then run this script. Once the script has run, you can adjust the opacity of the layers to give it the desired effect. You can also add a layer mask to the layer to decrease the toning effect in certain places if you wish. 

Stay tuned tomorrow for understanding layers and how they work. I'll explain in Gimp but its workings are the same in PSE.


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