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Quick Tip Thursdays - "Seeing" The Light

First off - I am so thrilled I actually got a request to explain how I shot and edited yesterday's picture. Wow !! So I've decided I will do Tuts Tuesdays where I will explain a step by step edit of a picture.

I've also decided to do Quick Tip Thursdays starting today and here's the quick tip -

As a novice I was always told the subject needs to face the sun head on and the Photog needs to have their back to the sun to avoid flares. Unfortunately what does that do to the poor subject other than make them uncomfortable and squint? Nothing much. So, I learnt that the best time to take pictures is when the sun is not a giant yellow burning ball up in the sky. Early mornings? Great ! Evenings? Good ! Overcast/cloudy sky? Excellent ! However, if you end up having to take pictures at high noon (if you absolutely truly have no other choice than to stand with the sun burning down at you), do your subjects a favor and find a shady spot for them to stand under. Then position yourself so that the sun isn't directly shining on your lens. If not, look around to see if you can position your subjects so that the sun's shining sideways over them, which would also have it shining sideways on the camera. There definitely are creative ways where you position the subject between the sun and the camera with the sun peeking through from behind a part of the subject but capturing such a shot comes with experience and more understanding of the workings of the camera like exposure. So we'll leave that for another time. 


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