Miraz Light At Work Photography

Less is usually always more

and it holds completely true when taking pictures. Here's a quick tip for today as promised and it can be described in one word - KISS. What prompted this post, was a photo I was editing for someone very close to my heart. I was emailed a couple of pictures with the request to work my magic on them (needless to say I was very flattered). While the darling lil' munchkin in the picture looked completely adorable, she was propped in front of an extremely busy background. It felt like Churchgate station at peak hour. Lol! Well, almost. So, before you click the shutter release, do a quick check through the view finder to ensure there's nothing in the picture that shouldn't be there. For example if you're taking pictures at home and in your living room (my absolute fave place to take pics !) make sure you're not celebrating laundry day with clothes strewn across the couch and your subject propped right next to a pile of folded shirts. I say this from experience. I unfortunately, have several of Ms Muffin's baby pictures with very busy (messy???)  backgrounds (read - tshirts, pants, lingerie all lying in neatly folded piles on furniture pieces, even a basket of folded laundry LOL!! next to where I had Ms Muffin propped up). Not quite picturesque. 

If you really must take a picture in a room that looks like a tornado just ran through it, then zoom into your subject and frame the subject so that nothing else is visible. A long distance / telephoto lens helps since that would give you a nice background blur like the one below.

This was taken in my front yard, with me squatting way down low almost at ground level. The background? It was a street with houses and kids playing ! So go ahead and take pictures on laundry day. Just exclude that stuff from your frame !


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