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B&W conversion - with hue adjustments

Here's a better way to adjust hue adjustments for a B& W. Lets start off with yesterday's image.

Now click on the PSE menu at the top and select Enhance/Convert to Black and White. This method does not work  directly in Gimp (ie there's no menu option) but can be followed through Gimp's UFRaw option if you shoot in Raw. All you would need to do is open the file in UFRaw and select the option as shown below

 Once you have clicked on the Convert To Black & White Option in PSE,  PSE, to do its part, offers some preset options for different image types such as Portraits, Newspaper, Landscape etc. as shown under. Even though the option says landscape doesn't mean it'll be perfect for a landscape or for that matter the portrait setting or any other setting. Infact, for my final picture I selected the option newspaper and then tweaked the channels to achieve the desired effect

Each setting will further allow you to tweak the Red Green Blue channels as well as the intensity. The final result ? Here are both today's and yesterday's images lined up one under another  for comparison



Play around and you'll realize this method is more versatile than the desaturate option. I would love to see what you come up with ! Feel free to post a link to your work in the comments section.


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