Miraz Light At Work Photography

Little J | Woodstock / Roswell Children's Photographer

I shot this session 2 weekends ago. I knew this sweet little girl from seeing her at my local gym. However, I also knew she didn't know me. So, going into the session, I was prepared to have an exhaustive workout (ie run around trying to get a few good shots with a shy little girl). However, she proved me totally completely wrong !! As you can see from the sneak peak storyboard, she was an absolute D-I-V-A ! Not only was she not shy, she actually posed for me and did exactly as I requested. I asked her to run to me on the count of three and as you can see, she did. I asked her to give me sweet smiles and boy did she smile away ! Then, when I caught her pouting once, I asked her to repeat and right on cue she did ! I really like her pouting picture. Just makes me break out into a grin. I was blown away after the session.  My daughter could surely take a lesson (or two or three) from her. Made me wish more little kids were like her in front of the camera, except then, I'd have to go to the gym more often to get a workout and what fun would that be ??!!

More pictures can be found in the online gallery.


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