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Defining my style - "Capturing Memories" | Woodstock / Holly Springs Family Photographer

As a photographer, it is so important to have a niche that differentiates you from the gazillion other togs out there. One of the ways, is, as many before me have said, to define one's own style. Do you shoot vintage shoots, do you "style" your shoots, do you go for the modern look, do you use props, or zany outfits or accessories ? The options are limitless and each client is interested in a particular kind of look and will want to hire a photog who has that look defined. 

I still haven't been in the photography biz too long and even though I do not own a studio, I do have a sizeable amount of daily expenses to pay - telephone, internet, insurance, hosting the list goes on ! So I  sure would like to monetize on every single client who approaches me. However, in the long run, I know it will hurt the image I would like to build. So yes I have had to turn away two clients in the very recent past because the sessions they were looking for were just not something I do or wanted to do in the near or medium future. I like to shoot mostly non-styled  and non posed sessions with very few props that help capture the essence of the person or family. 

I have been known to get carried away on time and shoot for longer because a subject might have been shy earlier in the session and might have taken a while to open up or the subject may have just been a natural with the camera and loved posing for me. My husband knows to keep anti-allergy meds ready for me in spring and fall on the days I come home from children's shoots thanks to all the laying, rolling and playing in the grass that I do when I'm out shooting. But thats me. Thats what I like to do.

My shoots are mostly about having fun, with lots of smiles and giggles. And yes sometimes goofiness too.

However, If I do have an opportunity to capture a tender moment or a few sobs, I go ahead and take those shots. 

So, while I haven't been in the photography business very long, when I do get asked by a client that dreaded question "What is your style?" I can truthfully say it is Capturing Memories. Period.


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