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Answer to the most frequently asked question in a client meeting | Newborn, Children and Kids Metro Atlanta Photographer

I don't think I've done a single client session where I have not been asked one question. Any guesses? Its "What should I wear ?" or "What should we wear". While I like to have a co-ordinated family, I feel that white shirts and blue jeans makes you look - dated. so unless you're going for a vintagey feel shoot, please leave those white shirts at home. I like to shoot bright colors most of the year. Here's a wardrobe suggestion I made up for the month of September. As you can tell, I love accessories.  Also, this is the perfect time of the year to wear those sweaters, hoodies, jackets etc and lets not forget those boots!

I know September's almost over so guess what I will be working on over the weekend? An October What To Wear Wardrobe !!

Until my next post, may the Fashion Gods be with you !


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