Miraz Light At Work Photography

Before and After Thursday

I haven't done a before and after in a long time. The original picture was shot almost 5 months ago during our family vacation in California.  Yes I haven't still finished editing those pictures - yikes ! All you pros out there - do your personal pictures edits take a backseat too? Mine surely do !

As you can see the before picture is almost devoid of color. It was shot on a cloudy rainy day. The lighting is flat, there's too much haze and practically everything that can be wrong,  with the picture is wrong. Fortunately, I was handling the camera and like always (inspite of my husband cribbing about how the cards would hold fewer pictures) I was shooting raw. Had I shot this in auto, the camera would have tried to fire the onboard flash to add some lighting but it wouldn't have mattered. The flash's reach is extremely limited and I was keeping my distance to avoid the water from the humungous waves crashing against that rock, getting into my camera.

So, irrespective of how many photographers swear shooting jpegs, in less than ideal conditions, RAW has definitely saved my bacon more than once.


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