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I posted a facebook message on my business page a few days ago about how my hubby, Mr Miraz Light At Work Photography wanted a profile picture for his Linked In account. He searched high and low for a good photographer and finally, reached out to yours truly. Hah! On a serious note, he came home from a business meeting at 7 pm one friday and told me, honey could you take a profile picture for me tomorrow? I  told him "You know you've already formally dressed. Lets do it just now!" He gave me a look that almost said I was crazy. We're talking 7 pm in the Fall. The sun had set by 6 already. It was pitch black outside. In short, he wasn't quite sure I could shoot as well after sunset as I did during the day.

I had him back out both our cars (yes I got another "you're crazy"/baffled look) while I went to grab my gear. My gear being my camera and a speedlite. Then I set him up and went about clicking away. Since I had food on the stove, I didn't put up my backdrop or fiddle with getting my offcamera lights set up.  The diagram is pretty self explanatory (did I mention I'm not really good at drawing?). Oh and by the way,  no the "nekked" is not a typo on the diagram. A flash without a diffuser is called a nekked flash.  Didn't know? Follow me and my ramblings here and you just might learn something else thats new !

For the image below, I bounced the flash off my ceiling. Note that the wall or ceiling can be any color. It doesn't have to be white. Ours are offwhite, which over the years have turned into a darker offwhite but this technique works well even with dark red (or other dark color) walls.

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