Miraz Light At Work Photography

My Fairytale Shoot | Atlanta, Alpharetta, Woodstock, Marietta, Roswell, Canton Children's Photographer

I was sitting around one day in this quaint quiet little spot in the woods pondering on the nuance of life and other petty (or not!) matters. The only inhabitants around were little squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits. Then,  I heard a soft little crunch. Like something was walking amongst the leaves. What did I find? A small little fairy gently treading around. She had her back to me at first and didn't see me. Boy was I lucky I had my camera on me !

The minute she heard the shutter click, she turned around and caught me. And then gave me the cutest of smiles !

In her hand she held this miraculous invention from Pixie Land. Supposedly, it makes people of all ages happy. She went on to show me how its to be used

She then followed me home and up the stairs ...

She was trying to fly but for some reason her wings weren't levitating her. Maybe because she'd temporarily made her wings disappear ? (FYI - Little Fairies have the cuteest bellybutton...)

She followed me into my studio and didn't know quite what to do.

She got out her magic wand and  was content standing giving me sweet smiles ...

The rest of her gallery can be found and viewed here.


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