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Baby T Newborn Session | Baby Photography

This little precious little bundle of fingers and toes, was hardly 2 weeks new but he sure gave me a workout getting his pictures. Here are some of my session favorites.

He looked SO tiny placed on this team flag and I had to get up on a step ladder to get this shot. But it was well worth it !

This is my version of "The Thinker". He definitely is deep in thought.

Have I mentioned I love capturing all the details of soft squishy newborns on camera ? Probably in every newborn post right ? I captured it right on time too because immediately after this shot, he peed on mom. I still have to complete a newborn shoot where the mom, or dad, or even me, haven't been peed / pooped on.

This was amongst the last few pictures I took in the almost 4 hour shoot. He wasn't a happy camper what with me trying to position him every time he fell asleep. After trying several places, I decided to put him on mom. And thats where I got this pose. Soundly asleep. Finally !


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