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Baby A 3 months | Woodstock newborn and baby photographer

My sweet little guy turned 3 months old recently. Having had a cesarean when he was born, I wasn't able to shoot his newborn pictures - missed that 10 day window of opportunity. When I was finally able  to bend and squat he was an alert one month old who didn't quite want to be swaddled or bundled or squished. Since then, he hasn't changed much. He did not want to co-operate for me during this shoot either. I might  I shall enlist the help of his older sister going forward. He's usually in a trance looking at her when she's around and does pretty much anything she wants him to do.

Here are a few of my favorites from his shoot.

I call this the Charlie pose. Baby Charlie was my first baby I ever shot and boy did he rock his shoot ! You can see his pose here.

My little guy, LOVES sleeping on his tummy. Being worried about SIDs, I've spent countless nights awake making sure his nose isn't obstructed and making sure he can breathe while on his belly. I initially tried flipping him back to his back but that was futile. He'd either flip right back to his tummy or he'd wake up crying and then it would take an hour to make him go back to sleep. Bottom line he loves sleeping on his tummy. Not so the case when he's awake. I can count the number of times  he's had waking "tummy time" on the fingers of one hand these last 3 months. God forbid I lay him on his belly - it becomes a free for all crying fest within 30 seconds. So, this is the closest I got to it right before the howling started.

After he was flipped over, he wasn't quite amused when his mommy kept disappearing behind a big black box as you can see below. See that lip lifted there ? Thats the smirk.

I couldn't help sharing this one. When he was a newborn, I'd wanted a picture of his fingers curled around my finger. I captured that picture. Except it was his dad's finger. When it was my turn to be on the "other" side of the camera, he did not co-operate. So I never ended up getting any pictures with him. Yesterday however, when I was re-positioning him, he looked at me and then grabbed by finger. Made me realize when opportunity comes knocking, I should run to the door and answer it. It was a feat trying to have him hold on, and shoot with only one hand. Gosh that 7000 is one heavy cam ! I have to say despite the fact that his fingers aren't tack sharp,  I'll treasure this picture for ever !


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