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Lamar Family | Woodstock Family Portrait Session

I can't believe I have been doing the portraits for this family for almost THREE years now ! Ever since sweet little C was a baby. His sister was around 3 and shy and demure. She's no longer reserved or quiet around me ! It might have something to do with the fact that she's also my little girl's best friend.

I'm thankful they were understanding and waited a half hour while I had to ask hubby to bring me the camera batteries that I forgot in the charger at home. Note to self : Must replace the backup batteries that died. Soon !

Some of my personal favorites from the session are below.

This was the very first image I took. Could not believe both the kiddos looked straight at the camera in the first shot !

I love this image of the little man with his mum. I had one of them together when he was a baby that was my favorite till date but this may possibly trump that one.

To get her to smile here, all I had to do was ask her what she'd do if my little girl appeared at the shoot by magic. She gave me this coy look and said "We'd start playing" !

 You can find the rest of the gallery here.

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Tosha said...

As always Miraz did an amazing job. We love our pictures and they will be treasured memories for years to come!

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