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Frames and how to use them (New FREE Damask frame included!)

Since I love to use frames to display my pictures on the web (a lot !) I thought I'd make a quick tutorial about how to use them. The steps are the same when using a storyboard although the number of images will vary depending on the number of clipping mask layers

The free or paid frames that are available on the web for download, are usually in photoshop format i.e. psd and open up in layers. If you have never used layers before and are not comfortable with them, they can be a little intimidating. However, using a frame need not be intimidating. It is a pretty quick and easy process. If you haven't yet downloaded a free frame template, you can download my free Damask frame here.

Once you have opened the .psd file, you will have the following layers available

To add the picture, I open my picture file, then drag and drop it over the psd frame template. The picture appears as a layer on the top. Next I go about resizing the layer so it "almost" fits over the black cut-out.

My layers palette looks like this

As my final step, I will turn this layer into a clipping mask. The shortcut I use is "Command-G" since I use a Mac.  The final result is below -


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